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The Hercules® Elite Blender is the only blender with the State-of-the-Art Chopper-Blade System. The world's only two-tiered stainless steel blade construction. The professional grade blender with major muscle and backed by 3 Year full replacement warranty! The Last Brand You Will Ever Buy!


The patented Hercules 12-Super Dynamic Chopper-Blade System is the world’s most powerful blender blade on the market that gives Hercules® food blender major blending muscle. The Hercules® Elite Blender Blade Technology is the world’s first ever two-tiered blade construction with commercial grade laser-sharp serrated and heavy-duty, stainless steel culinary grade blades that delivers 10 times the cutting, crushing, and blending power of all other blade systems on the market to date. The Hercules® Elite Blender Blade assembly mimics "Cyclone Simulation" to agitate food during blending to deliver unprecedented, best-in-class, and effortless food blending in less than 8 seconds.
If you’re tired of those cheap, low-grade blenders with weak motors and inferior, rusty metal blades that break and jam when you attempt to crush or blend tough foods, The Hercules® Elite Blender is here to save the day! Designed primarily for the culinary needs of the elite, rich, and famous, this state-of-the-art mega mixing machine lets you relax while its patented 12 Super Dynamic Chopper-Blade System does all of the labor!
The Hercules® Elite Blender is packed with 2.5 Peak HP Motor  (1500 Watts) of pure blending power, and is equipped with the patented jam-free, laser-sharp, precision cutting, and stainless steel 12 Chopper-Blade System. The Hercules® Elite Blender also comes with a generous 68 oz. pitcher that is virtually unbreakable for long-lasting usage! The Hercules® Elite Blender is in a class of its own! There is nothing that even comes close to this blending work-of-art! It is used worldwide by Top Chefs and food connoisseurs for its ease of use, efficiency, safety, and blendability! The Hercules® Elite Blender combines its stunning laser-sharp technology with the superior engineering of its patented 12 Super Dynamic Chopper-Blade System to create a powerful, cutting-edge food blending system that delivers the best slicing and dicing performance in the world!


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